Dense Breasts on Mammogram? Don’t Be Afraid

The first thing to know is that if you’ve been told that you have dense breast tissue, you are in good company. Approximately 40-50% of women in the U.S., aged 40-74, fall into that category. But what does the word “dense” really mean? WHAT IS BREAST DENSITY? On a mammogram,… Read More

Is it time to get your varicose veins treated?

Have you been avoiding wearing shorts for years, struggling with compression stockings, or even applying make up to your legs to try to hide varicose veins? If this sounds like you, it’s time to finally get your varicose veins treated! You are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from vein… Read More

How Legislation Affects your Breast Health

On February 15th, the federal government passed legislation that requires all mammography providers to inform patients and physicians about their breast density after they undergo a mammogram and explain the importance of that information.  As a New York State resident, you will be pleased to know that alike legislation became… Read More

Mammography Sensory Suites

The Lynn Women’s Health and Wellness Institute, in Boca Raton performed an interesting study on the use of the senses during a mammographic procedure.  Over the course of one year, as they implemented 3D tomosynthesis mammography, they gathered data on the use of sound and visual therapy along with aromatherapy… Read More

The Importance of Screening For Lung Cancer In High Risk Patients

Striking statistics show that even though lung cancer is the biggest killer in America, lung cancer screenings are critically low. Especially for high-risk smokers, low-dose CT scans are vital when monitoring lung health and screening for cancer. If you or  someone you know may be at risk for this deadly cancer,… Read More

Should I Worry About Radiation from Medical Imaging?

It’s perfectly natural to be concerned about how medical treatments will affect your health. After all, we only get one body each, right? For decades, X-ray imaging and other diagnostic tests have been a fundamental part of medicine. While some people believe the radiation from medical imaging might do more… Read More

Sleep – How Important Is It for Your Overall Health?

Is there anything more refreshing than a good night’s sleep? If there’s one thing everyone has in common, it’s that being well- rested is the key to a productive day. But, does the importance of sleep go beyond just feeling better? Scientists are starting to realize that sleep is a… Read More

Women – Take Charge of Your Health

Even though health care is such a politically explosive issue, we can’t deny that today’s health care and medicine is more diverse and effective than ever. Even so, too many women take their health for granted. Don’t be one of them! You can take control of your personal health. Taking… Read More

Should You Be Worried About Low Bone Density?

Bones are the strongest part of your body. In addition to giving support and protection to your vital organs, you wouldn’t even be able to move without them. While strong bones help us stay healthy and active, low bone density can lead to pain, injury and a host of major… Read More

Celebrating Women’s Health Week

For nearly two decades, National Women’s Health Week has helped countless women turn their lives around by making healthy decisions. Starting on Mother’s Day every year, its goal is to raise awareness of common women’s health issues while encouraging individuals and communities to take action. In 2017, Women’s Health Week… Read More