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High Field MRI & Open MRI

High Field MRI & Open MRI

Southtowns Radiology can perform a high field MRI, an open bore MRI, and various other MRI procedures for patients in Buffalo.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a non-ionizing device that uses radio frequency waves in conjunction with strong magnetic fields to provide remarkably clear and detailed pictures of internal organs and tissues. This technique has proven most valuable for the diagnosis of a broad range of pathologic conditions in all parts of the body, including cancer, heart and vascular disease, stroke, and musculoskeletal disorders. MRI requires specialized equipment and expertise and allows evaluation of some body structures that may not be as visible with other imaging methods.

Southtowns Radiology is proud to offer both a 1.5T High Field MRI system as well as an open MRI (pictured below) designed to provide a comfortable exam for claustrophobic patients, without compromising on image quality. The opening is significantly wider, and the length of the bore significantly shorter, to enhance patient comfort. With this configuration, most non-brain studies can be performed without the patient’s head entering the scanner, alleviating the claustrophobia often associated with MRI scanning. This scanner can also accommodate larger patients, with a table weight limit of 500 lbs.airis-vento

Southtowns Radiology also offers breast MRI for enhanced woman’s imaging with biopsy capabilities.

About the MRI Procedure

Scans generally take up to 30 minutes. Patients are encouraged to bring their own music CDs and we welcome a family member or a friend in the room during the exam. Patients with pacemakers or aneurysm clips cannot participate in an MRI procedure.

Our board certified radiologists review and interpret all MRI studies with reports available to referring physicians within 24 hours. Exam images are available on film or CD. Physicians may also use our convenient PACS capability.

Some procedures require preparation and all MRI procedures require an appointment. Additional screening questions for patient safety will be asked at the time of scheduling. You must bring the written requisition form from your physician and arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the examination. For more information on a high field MRI or an open bore MRI, contact one of our offices below.

Available at the following locations:

  • Hamburg (open) 3040 Amsdell Road, Hamburg, NY 14075 • Phone: 716-649-9000 Directions
  • Orchard Park (1.5 high field) 3050 Orchard Park Road, West Seneca, NY 14224 • Phone: 716-558-5400 Directions
  • West Seneca (1.5 high field) 550 Orchard Park Road, West Seneca, NY 14224 • Phone: 716-558-5140 Directions


Three locations in the Buffalo, NY area

Orchard Park 3050 Orchard Park Road | (716) 558-5400 | Fax (716) 558-5424
Hamburg 3040 Amsdell Road | (716) 649-9000 | Fax (716) 649-9005
West Seneca 550 Orchard Park Road | (716) 558-5140 | Fax (716) 674-2697