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C-View Breast Imaging Technology

Southtowns Radiology Introduces New 3D Mammography Technology

Improved detection. Lower dose. More comfortable experience.

At Southtowns Radiology, we continually invest in new equipment and technology to provide a better clinical and personal experience for our patients. One of our most recent advancements not only makes mammograms more comfortable, it also offers improved detection rates.

C-View Imaging Software

Hologic, a leading provider of medical imaging systems, has developed a new 2D imaging software called C-View which accompanies the 3D mammogram. This new software allows Southtowns Radiology to lessen the radiation dosage our patients are exposed to during the exam by up to 40 percent.

We are also able to reduce the overall test time, offering our patients a faster, safer and more comfortable testing experience. In fact, this technology allows us to cut exam time down to an average of 3.7 seconds per view.

Not only is this technology more efficient, it creates a clearer picture of the breast tissue, providing the accentuation of bright spots and linear structures.

In short, the C-View imaging system offers a much better experience:

  • Our patients are more comfortable and exam times are reduced. This lessens the risk of movement that can compromise the images.
  • There is an enhanced detection rate of invasive cancers, even with patients who have dense breast tissue.
  • The recall rate is reduced significantly.
  • It allows comparison to prior 2D exams.


Learn more about 3D mammography, or schedule your mammogram today.


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