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3D Mammography

3D Mammography is here.

Why 3D Mammography?

breast-cancerA mammogram is a specific type of imaging that uses a low-dose x-ray system for examination of the breasts. Most medical experts agree that successful treatment of breast cancer often is linked to early diagnosis, primarily through the use of mammograms. Screening mammography plays a central part in early detection of breast cancers because it can show changes in the breast up to two years before a patient or physician can feel them.

At Southtowns Radiology we are proud to offer Genius 3D Mammography (tomosynthesis). Genius 3D mammography detects 41% more invasive breast cancers and reduces false positives by up to 40%. This means one simple thing: early detection. Genius 3D mammography is the first and only clinically superior 3D mammography approved by the FDA. Genius 3D mammography allows doctors to see masses and distortions associated with cancers and precancerous cells significantly more clearly than conventional 2D mammography. Instead of viewing all of the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, as with traditional 2D mammography, fine details are more visible and no longer hidden by the tissue above or below.

Is 3D Mammography only for dense breast tissue?

No.  Since the introduction of 3D mammography technology, multiple studies have shown that it detects 41% more invasive cancers in women with dense breast tissue and with fatty breast tissue.  That means the scan is beneficial for women of all breast tissue types.

At Southtowns Radiology we offer 3D mammography screening to every woman having their regular mammogram with us.  For more information about whether you may want to choose 3D mammography, visit our 3D Mammography Decision page.

At what age and frequency should I have a screening mammogram?

At Southtowns Radiology, we realize that there are many conflicting reports in the media about what age and frequency is appropriate for having a mammogram.  Current guidelines from the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Gynecological and Obstetrical Society and the American College of Radiology (ACR) recommend screening mammography every year for women, beginning at age 40.
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) adds that women who have had breast cancer and those who are at increased risk due to a genetic history of breast cancer should seek expert medical advice about whether they should begin screening before age 40 and about the frequency of screening.

What is the difference between a screening and diagnostic mammogram?

A screening mammogram is your annual mammogram that is done every year. Sometimes, the radiologist may ask you to come back for follow-up images, called a diagnostic mammogram, further evaluate an area of uncertainty in the breast, or if there is a breast complaint that needs to be evaluated.

 Buffalo 3D Mammograms are available at the following locations:

  • Hamburg 3040 Amsdell Road, Hamburg, NY 14075 • Phone: 716-649-9000 Directions
  • Orchard Park 3050 Orchard Park Road, West Seneca, NY 14224 • Phone: 716-558-5400 Directions


Three locations in the Buffalo, NY area

Orchard Park 3050 Orchard Park Road | (716) 558-5400 | Fax (716) 558-5424
Hamburg 3040 Amsdell Road | (716) 649-9000 | Fax (716) 649-9005
West Seneca 550 Orchard Park Road | (716) 558-5140 | Fax (716) 674-2697